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SINCRO.GRID – A unique Cross-Border Investment Project

STRIDE – Improved energy planning through the Integration of Smart Grid concepts in the Danube Region

SINCRO.GRID – A unique Cross-Border Investment Project

SINCRO.GRID is a unique European project, co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union, being carried out in the regions of Slovenia and Croatia. The project partners are the Slovenian and Croatian TSOs, ELES and HOPS, and DSOS, in addition to SODO and HEP ODS. The ambitious project is tackling the challenges that arise with overvoltage in transmission systems and established operation terms to enable greater production volumes from RES, an increase in transmission capacity of transmission lines (DTR) and capacity of system service. The SINCRO-GRID project is providing solutions to the lack of flexibility resources needed to regulate the electric system; these solutions are needed due to increasing integration of decentralised renewable energy sources both in the regions of Slovenia and Croatia.

In Slovenia, the following outcomes of the project are underway: the installation of a stationary compensation device with an SVC (Static Var Compensation)/STATCOM technology of +/- 150 Mvar at the Beričevo substation; the installation of variable shunt reactor of -150 Mvar at the Cirkovce substation; the installation of variable shunt reactor of -150 Mvar; and the installation of a capacitor of +100 Mvar at the Divača substation. Additionally, two battery storage units with a capacity of 5 MW will be installed at the existing substations of Okroglo and Pekre.

At the same time, the system for the assessment of power grid operating limits will be implemented, whereby the following is planned: the installation of hardware and software in control centres and atmospheric measuring instruments on transmission lines. Within the project, the upgrade of the system, SUMO (the system for real-time and short-term forecast assessment of power grid operating limits) will take place, which will enable better utilisation of existing transmission lines and transformers.

In 2017, the introduction of the virtual cross-border control centre begun, which will enable appropriate data exchange, voltage control and loss optimisation in transmission systems, better control and forecasting of electricity generation from RES, and the implementation of tertiary regulation with management of consumption and dispersed generation in Slovenia and Croatia, and participation of RES in the provision of ancillary services.

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