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Final regional conference in Zenica-Doboj and Central Bosnia canton

STRIDE – Improved energy planning through the Integration of Smart Grid concepts in the Danube Region

Final regional conference in Zenica-Doboj and Central Bosnia canton

On Tuesday, 13th December 2022, the final local event for Bosnia and Herzegovina within the framework of the Interreg Danube STRIDE project was held in the Zenica region. The event was organised by the Center for Energy, Environment and Resources (CENER 21), a partner from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) within the STRIDE project, in cooperation with the associated strategic partner for the region (Zenica-Doboj and Central Bosnia Cantons) Regional Development Agency for the Central BiH region – REZ Agency.

The final regional conference brought together stakeholders who presented the results of project activities and tools for improved energy planning. At the very beginning of the conference, the general characteristics of the smart grid, the advantages of integration, and the potential challenges of integrating smart grids into the power system were presented in detail. Following, the results of STRIDE project activities and the importance of introducing the concept of smart networks for improving energy planning were showcased.

During the event, STRIDE results were presented, which included:

  • Methodology for analyzing the energy through reports on the current energy situation in 8 countries of the Danube region,
  • Examples of good practices of introducing the concept of smart grids,
  • Results of workshops held with interested parties in order to spread knowledge about the introduction of the concept of smart grids,
  • Smart network platform, as a place for networking and knowledge exchange about the concept of smart grids,
  • Smart grid strategy and action plans for the integration of the Development Strategy,
  • Guide for the development of strategic planning for the integration of smart grids into the power system.
  • In addition to the above results, during the project, several communication activities were carried out on the importance of introducing smart networks into energy planning.

As part of the presentation of the project results, it was pointed out that in BiH there is significant potential for the integration of smart grids, especially renewable energy sources, and that the following steps should be taken:

  • Alignment of legislation with the EU
  • Adoption of official policies for the development of smart grids
  • Development of strategy, roadmap for the development of smart grids and action plans
  • Involvement of all interested parties, especially scientific and technical institutions, manufacturing companies, consumers and service companies
  • Creation of possible incentive schemes for the development and implementation of smart networks
  • Technical improvements of the secondary infrastructure for the implementation of the smart grid
  • It is necessary to continue to develop connected infrastructures for smart meters, communication network, central data collection, data management and consumer consumption management.
  • Introduction of the concept of active consumers (“prosumer” – consumer/producer).

At the final conference, a special thematic section is dedicated to the active consumer, measurements and monitoring of energy consumption, and the introduction of advanced technologies, i.e. “smart” solutions. Energy management is crucial and provides multiple benefits such as cost optimisation, increased operational efficiency, reduced supply interruptions, reduced CO2 emissions and improved equipment performance.

The event brought together representatives of policy makers, educational institutions, industry, development agencies, and the non-governmental sector, who, through their active participation and discourse, expressed great interest in the integration of smart networks into energy planning, and emphasised that it is necessary to continue with these and similar activities.

As mentioned, within the STRIDE project, a smart grid platform was developed that will be active even after the end of the project, with the purpose to exchange knowledge and experiences to create smart grid policies and accelerate their implementation at the regional and local levels.

Accordingly, we invite interested stakeholders to register on the platform and become part of the community from eight countries – Slovenia, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina – and beyond, where knowledge and experience are exchanging in order to create smart grid policies and accelerate their implementation at the regional and local level through the results of the STRIDE project.

Please click here to register on the platform.


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