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Analysis Of Existing Renewable Energy Plants And Smart Grid Infrastructure In Bosnia And Herzegovina

STRIDE – Improved energy planning through the Integration of Smart Grid concepts in the Danube Region

Analysis Of Existing Renewable Energy Plants And Smart Grid Infrastructure In Bosnia And Herzegovina

CENER 21’s activities in the past period were aimed at completing the regional analysis reports on the current state of smart grid implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the results of which will serve as the basis for the development of smart grids strategies and action plans. Special attention was paid to the potentials of smart grids in the region through the completion of reports assessing the current situation regarding smart grids, followed by the development of various scenarios for smart grids in the region.

The criteria used to select the scenarios were the regional potentials for smart grid development. The developed scenarios, which were presented in the form of a report, referred to:

  • Integration of large-scale RES – Wind power plant Vlašić;
  • Electric mobility – Electric vehicles;
  • Distributed production systems – Photovoltaic panels and household energy storage.

At the partner meeting and Mid-term Dissemination Event this September in Vienna, CENER 21 presented the key findings of the smart grids regional analysis reports through an extensive presentation, sharing with the consortium the results of the research and regional analysis of smart grids in the selected region in BiH.

Also at the international partner meeting, the CENER 21 project team had the opportunity and pleasure to exchange previous experiences on the project and gain new knowledge about the best practices of smart grids in the EU. Through a series of lectures on smart grids and open discussions, CENER 21 adopted a range of new knowledge and gains of experience that were shared with stakeholders of the selected region after the event.

In addition to transferring knowledge from this mid-term event, the CENER 21 team regularly communicates with stakeholders regarding their opinions and suggestions on further development of smart grids, especially strategic goals and actions that would accelerate the process of smart grids integration. Additionally, CENER 21 continuously informs the interested parties about the progress of the project through direct meetings, sending relevant material by e-mail, posts on social networks or posts via media portals. Further, CENER 21 has actively invited stakeholders to join the STRIDE Smart Grids Platform in order to grant them direct access to the exchange of knowledge and experiences with the members of the STRIDE platform.

Keeping in mind the importance of strategic documents in the development of smart grids in BiH, the CENER 21 project team has already held a meeting with representatives of the Public Company “Elektroprivreda BiH” on the occasion of the upcoming activity of drafting the regional strategy and action plans for smart grids.

In the coming period, CENER 21 plans to hold meetings with other representatives of stakeholder groups in order to further increase awareness pertaining to smart grids and the importance of their integration for future development of the region and beyond.


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