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STRIDE – Improved energy planning through the Integration of Smart Grid concepts in the Danube Region


EIfI-Tech has finalised the STRIDE animation for project-wide dissemination and use at international conferences, on social media, via the website/platform, etc. The animation provides a general project overview, considerably why the STRIDE project is needed and how it will have a lasting positive impact.

STRIDE Animation

The animation is concise and compatible for use across a range of digital media/platforms, including the STRIDE Danube Smart Energy Platform. The platform is now live and serves as a digital communication platform on which a network of experts, policy makers, stakeholders from all target groups can meet and discuss smart grids and other energy related topics.


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Join the STRIDE smart energy platform

The open-source STRIDE Smart Energy Platform, now live and open to all interested parties, serves as a network of experts, policy makers, and other stakeholders from

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