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The Slovenian-Japanese smart grid project NEDO

STRIDE – Improved energy planning through the Integration of Smart Grid concepts in the Danube Region

The Slovenian-Japanese smart grid project NEDO

The Slovenian-Japanese smart grid project NEDO (STRIDE Good Practice – has entered into its final phase of project implementation with the inclusion of battery storage in Idrija and Ljubljana.

While the first phase of the project was focused on smart grid infrastructure, the second and final phase is dedicated to smart cities and smart communities. During this phase, advanced solutions are being developed with focus on energy efficiency in urban communities and the use of battery storage.

ELES will use these two-battery storage (one in Ljubljana and one in Idrija) for system services, while in the event of emergency, they will also provide power to critical users. ELES also aims to use the storage in Ljubljana to establish a complex solution for troubleshooting voltage drops of the industrial customer Aquafil, which supports the introduction of advanced solutions.

The NEDO project serves as an important experience and reference in setting up voltage regulatory system, active consumption and large battery storage what are essential elements in the green energy transition – the transition to a carbon-free society. It must be noted that this project is exemplary cooperation between Slovenia and Japan in advancing economic development and green transformation, as emphasised by the Japanese NEDO partners.


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